Miri Trip Part I

Once again, I have my annual Miri Trip and stay at Park City hotel. What make this year difference to my last year is that I now have a DSLR with me compare to all my previous year!!! So more photo’s taking session!!!

My first ever sunset shoot at Miri!!!


Then we went to Starbucks @ Bintang Plaza(Thanks to James for being a driver), and we saw quite a huge crowds gathering in front of coffee bean to watch the World Cup 2010 live on a big screen.

IMG_6007 I actually wanted to order a Dark Mocha Frappucino, too bad there didn’t have it. Right after starbucks we gather together near the beach, and I show some of them what it mean by light painting. And they are pretty excited once they saw the first example.

IMG_6026 And here are some of the stuffs done by them


IMG_6028 IMG_6029


Of coz a group shoot after all those tried out. Was fooling around with my wireless trigger and flash through an umbrella. For some interesting weird reasons, they are some spill light that caught on left side. Wondering how it happen, and I quite like the effects.

IMG_6038 One of the very few photo’s that I am in the photo >w<