My heart ache

Everytime I saw a nice luxurious / sport car got into accident and got hit really hard, my heart will ache for the poor car. I’m not necessary saying that it is the driver fault (it maybe the case but not always), but then the car will not longer be able to run on the road with its original purpose instead it will be throw into garage or whatever it is and no longer useable.

Just like today, after I done with with my clients and on the way to the next one, I spotted this poor Lamborghini in such a bad state, I just can’t resist and took some photo of it.

IMG_5885IMG_5887 IMG_5886

As you can see, it is almost unrepairable, while this belong to some unknown freaky rich peoples. I do want to believe that the owner felt hurt (not physically) for his/her ride being damaged. If the owner don’t, then I really felt sad for the car.

While I don’t think I will be ever able to (or want to) own a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but I do wish that I got a chance to test drive it even just once.