My Hong Kong & China Trip

To be honest I never though that I will travel that often in a year, especially when I am officially jobless and work as a freelancer now. In fact, this year along I am travel ways more often that how I was few years ago, usually I will only flight at most once a year, and look at me now I have travel to 5 country in 5 month! I wouldn’t mind to fly various destination, the only issues is that so far all this travel don’t bring foods to my table. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the trip.


It is my first ever trip to Hong Kong & China, it is a exposure trip with me & my friends, I didn’t have a lot of chances to take photo since we are constantly walking, train and bus.

This is a hill view from the hostel we stay while we are in Hong Kong


Here is the night view


On the journey of bus /train / foot


Arrived Shenzhen 深圳


We have our lunch at one of the local stall for ramee, ramee taste so so much better than the one we have in Brunei! Absolutely no comparison!!!


Another lunch we have in Shenzhen 深圳


Checking in one of the Dongguan东莞 hotel. It take about 2 hour from ShenZhen to arrive Dongguan by bus.


After a overnight we have in Dongguan, we took a MRT from there to arrive Guangzhou 广州, and we go straight to this restaurant. Apparently this restaurant have been operate over 100+ years or more and their policy is to keep the foods as authentic as possible. The foods taste really really good.



After that we have about 2 hour plus of shopping in the Guangzhou shopping street. For those love cheap and fashion clothing (without brand name intact) this will be your paradise! Anyway, almost everything in the world is made in China. From one end walk to the other end is like walking from Bandar town all the way to Seri Complex.


My only time to have some quick street candid


Now, this will be my first encounter of photo bully. The moment when I hold up my camera to snap the shoot. This guy wearing red T-shirt was shouting and screaming at me if not mistaken. I just continue walking without any care, since I am well aware that near by me there are 2 policeman and worse case scenario I just have to delete this photo. Well, only those that did something wrong will be very conscious of peoples taking photo around me, so maybe he is so sort of mafia? Whatever? Move on ^w^


It take 2 hour express train from Guangzho to reach ShenZhen station, from then on we walk back across the immigration to HongKong for the night.

And no Hong Kong trip is completed without a HongKong DimSum!!!


Through out the journey I have Canon 7D gripped  with EFS 17-55mm for most of the shoot couple it with Black Rapid strap. I can honestly said I will never go back to conventional neck strap anymore as far as I am concern now, it is really flexible, versatile, secure and fast!

All in all I really enjoyed this trip, and definitely wouldn’t be my last! While it is really rushing to go from place to place, and losing a lot of opportunity to take photo, but I gain the experience of how vast is China. Surprisingly the road traffic here in better than my experience in Indonesia, however the air pollution is way worse than Jakarta so kind of balance out between the two.

No sure when will be my next trip to Hong Kong /China but I wish I will have more time to take photo on my next trip ^W^

You can view more photo from my facebook album