International Tattoo 2011

Thanks to Esther, I actually got the chances to visit International Tattoo Brunei 2011. If you don’t know what International Tattoo Brunei is about, you can visit the official site HERE. Basically is an event organized by Ministry of Defense where various international military band come together and perform.

It consist of various nation like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Indonesia and some other countries. If you think military band performance is boring, I can beg that your perspective will change after watching the show perform by various band. Every single band just bring different thing onto the table, and Brunei as a host nation have perform marvelously. There is also booth that display some of the various military equipment where they allow the public to touch and feel about it.


Here is me got a chance to held a M4A1 and pose >w<

It was also a chance for me to try out my black rapid DS1 by dual wielding my Canon 30D and Canon 7D, and I am completely satisfy with it. Bringing 2 camera with ease and able to cover 2 range (17-50mm & 70-200mm) within sec just make shooting this kind of event that much enjoyable.

Overall, International Tattoo is really an entertaining, enjoyable events that shouldn’t be missed! If you missed this one, then just have to hope that they will organize another one next year. I will definitely attend it if they host it again, hopefully I can get a media pass when it happen >w<