Endry & LuLu wedding


For those know me, will know that I went to Jakarta for a 9 days holiday, and one of the main reason is to attend one of my best friend Endry wedding, and I also have the honor of being his best man.

I didn’t really have a lot of chances to take photo through out the day since I have to juggle my duty as a best man during the ceremony. So Endry literate give me a nick name called “3in1” for being “Best man, Best friend, Photographer” for the day. My! What a bargain he have XD

It was my first time to attend a chinese wedding in Indonesia, and I was pleasantly surprise with how the flow go. For once, they don’t do door knocking like the chinese in Brunei or Malaysia do, basically We just went in and take the bride, not need to go through suffering and torture for the bride bridesmaid or friends. Then we went back to bridegroom house for tea ceremony, after that we went to the chinese temple for the rest of the ceremony. The one thing that surprised me the most is that even Buddhism ceremony they actually go through the marriage vow like the christain did. You know? The speech where you mention in sickness and in health, in richness and poorness you will not break this vow? Even though they are speaking in Indo, but fundamentally it is still the same.

Finally, after the ceremony and headed to hotel, that was the only time I get the chances to take some photograph of them during the rest time and the dinner reception.



Here is a group photo of some of the friends we meet when we are in Perth, Australia.IMG_8308 (2)

Best man & Bridesmaid, they took the moment when I wasn’t smiling :\IMG_8317 (2)

And Kevin! You are suppose to be in here!!!IMG_8321

I was dead tire after the whole wedding is over, but indeed it is a privilege to be part of Endry wedding event, so when next time come when I get marriage, both Franki & Endry have no excuse but to come to Brunei to attend my wedding. But their favorite phrase now is “Boon, get an Indonesia wife! So we don’t have to fly to Brunei!” Hmmm… by then I think I will said “I don’t care, you are coming to Brunei for my wedding like it or not!” >w<