Year 2010 in closing

1 year, 12 month, 365days, 8760hours, 525600 minutes or 3153600 seconds have almost come to an end. As I began to reflect upon it, it is a year with lots of expectation, encouragement, disappointment and changes.

1. Emotion

One of the main changes in my life I will said is to see Michelle leave and stay with her parent in Ireland. While I know that it will happen, but the sudden decision and that it just happen like that have give me little room and time to adjust myself emotionally. More of it here http://shoyo-stlb.blogspot.com/2010/04/michelle-leaving.html 

It actually took me a while to settle myself with this new changes.

2. Health

While I didn’t get sick very often, what change my mentality is to find out that one of my best friend in life, whom I know over 20years is diagnose with cancer. Personally I thank God that he is fine now after going through the operations for removing his cancer. It bring me to the reality that I need to take care of my own body more than ever before, if it can happen to my friend, then it can happen to me also. If I want to continue to live this life, see more of this world, and serve longer; I will definitely need to take extra precaution with taking care of my own body.

Because of this incidents, and thanks to my friend for constantly pushing me for health screening. I have finally make my move and when to JPMC for body screening for the first time in my life. While I wasn’t go in with fears and I do have some worry and doubts when I went for the check, I didn’t even tell most of my friend / family about this.  Well, thankfully the result was good except that I am overweight and high in cholesterol. My cholesterol reading is 7.42 while the recommended reading should be less than 5.8, definitely sometime I need to watch out for.

3. Spiritually

Honestly, I cannot said I have much breakthrough in this year compare to last year. I have as much down and up as for my any other years. Frustration, hard work is as true as the joy and privilege I have in the ministry. While I do received comment from friends for praising me for me being faithful, I thank God for He make all this possible, it wouldn’t even be possible without Him and the peoples that I enjoyed working with. But time to times I do question myself, will I remain faithful? Will I continue to serve Him till the end of my days? It is something that will sent a chill to my spine and fear to me, cause I always believe that if you don’t want to remain faithful, wanted to backslide and never to accept Him as your personnel Lord and Saviour. It is better off than you never know Him at all, cause the bible said that these will experience more severe punishment that those who do not know Him. Of cause God in His way and mercy will want you to come back to Him even if you backslide. I do hope that at the end of my day, I can said like Paul did in 2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful

Of coz, I will need to take this one step at a time and continue to see what God plan to reveal to me.

4. Profession

This is one of the year that I see myself didn’t improve much at all, not in term of experience which I believe that will constantly improve as you continue in your craft, but it is a year that I felt I have archive the less with comparison to my others categories. I have not learn any new skills, or advance in any particular areas especially this year. Day in and day out I was like a machine going to my workplace and continue to serve my clients in a daily manners. No goal, no achievements. Which is consider pretty bad.

While in a way I wouldn’t blame much to the company since I can see that it is one of the toughest year for my boss. Just this year itself, I have seem 2 long time colleagues resign and the in & out of the new staffs. Which make thing difficult.


While it is not the best year in my life, I can also said that it is not the toughest one also, but I do see the dangers if I continue to stay in this way and live a complacent attitude, I wouldn’t be able move it forward for the year 2011.

To all my family, friends, colleagues, brother & sister in Christ and my readers. I want to thanks you for supporting me so much in your own way, either in words, in action or even by reading my blog. As year 2011 come, plenty sure it will one heck of challenges coming my way and your way, but overcome it will not just bring you satisfaction, but also growth in maturity and character.