Merry Christmas to you all ^w^

Maybe kind of late, but I wanna wish all my family, friends, and my readers a happy blessed Merry Christmas! I been pretty busy for the last 2 week with works + preparation & practice for the Christmas Carolling. Also wanna post minor update.

Birthday Celebration for Majorie Tan + her friendIMG_2732

Majorie & KennethIMG_2742My favorite for the day. I title it   人小鬼大IMG_2807For the last few days we been going around houses to houses and singing Christmas Carol, which the main purpose is to bless the family and to strip up some Christmas atmosphere and spirit. The practice itself is like a nightmare, thanks God the end result was alright >w<

IMG_2915 IMG_2929

Then 25th itself we have lunch at Orchid Garden Hotel for Christmas celebration. I didn’t took photo of the turkey, but IMO Orchid garden serve one of the best turkey in town; tasty and juicy without the dryness that usually associate with turkey. Great stuffs!

IMG_3052 IMG_3168Since all the major event has been cleared, now I starting to go into cruise mode for a while, and year 2010 going to come to an end. As the time draw close, I also have to get ready for what is going to unfold next year. But as for now, I’m looking forward to 28th since I gonna take a 3 and a half day leave, that’s mean that hopefully I can relax til the year end and get ready to kick my gear for year 2011.