Michelle leaving

IMG_4994Michelle Tan, the 2nd children from my 2nd brother Vincent, whom I have been bringing to Sunday school since she is primary 4 (or even younger)? Whom have been staying with us under the same roof for more than a years.

After going through so many years with her, it is impossible that I don’t have any emotion tie with her at all, she is like part of the person that define me through out this time. Even thought knowing very well that she have to left Brunei and stay together with her family in UK, but part of me just wanted her to stay even little longer.

Seeing her leaving for goods to Ireland, really break my heart in a way that I felt part of me has been cut off, while I know that Lily also felt the same ways. Since we have been going out & doing things together every sat & sunday.

So Michelle, while I pretty sure your dad will take good care of you, but you also have to learn to take care of yourself, and settle yourself down with a youth group asap. AND STOP PLUCKING YOUR HAIRS!!! Though I not sure when is the next time we can see you face to face again, but do continue to update us through other means.

We over here really missed you TwT

But anyway, God bless with lot’s of love and blessing from us.