Marilyn Birthday

Today is my nieces Marilyn birthday, so as usual. We have makan, birthday cake and etc. What make it unique is that we have the latest add on together with us tonight. My youngest nephew to date, the eldest son from my 3rd brother, Victor. Ezekiel Emmanuel Tan Ngee Ern!


It is definitely a joy to see that God has bless my brother with a wonderful boy and more years of responsibility ahead of him of coz :p But his presence has definitely bring joy to the household. Everyone just love him!!! But I think the dogs don’t really like him because of jealousy though :p



But for some reasons, today event actually kick me to reflect on my decision for taking up photography. I bought my first digital camera at the end of 2008 and first DSLR on july 2009; and in this 2 years I have learned so much on photography that I can never imagine I will 2 years ago.

Yet, I have never regret picking up photography, I think the only regret is I didn’t pick it up sooner. But at least it wasn’t too late. Photography in a way have change my life, it changed my perspective and also how I see things around me. As I look through photo that I took over this 2 year, it actually make me grateful with what God has done in my life, and also the decision of getting into photography.

The most important aspect of photography to me I believe is capturing the moment and memory. You may have the latest and the best camera equipment with you, yet it you fail the capture the moment / memory, it will be useless. Of course, it depends on the subject and the reason of your photo. When it come to family photography, personally I don’t believe any photo that you taken will be a waste. The photo that you took may not need anything to others, but for the family members it will be a monument that can last for a life time. When ever you flick open and see the photo, it will have the power to bring you back to that stage of event. For me that’s the power of photography can do, and for me, I feel grateful and privilege to journal down my family life into something that is tangible and memorial able.