November Round up

For me November is really one of my busiest month for the year, both socially and in work. First and foremost is my birthday celebration with my family members, which I have already blogged about it.

This is a photo of us went to Tasek Lama for hiking.IMG_1442

A family carnival organized by La Vida


Jackson and his family came and visited us all the way from USA


Thanks to Betty for the invitation to attend the AIA seminar for Importance of Financial Planning, very informative and educating.


Then I have company lunch with the colleagues


A outdoor activity with the youth at Berakas Foresty


Then there are Smarter charity events and Let’s drive organized by Telbru and lot’s of other. It was a shame that I didn’t have the opportunity to go and participants. The other event I really missed is the BTclick photography meet up that I unable to attend due to commitment, hopefully I will be able to attend their next gathering.

Then this morning I attended an Open forum hosted by Asia Inc regarding IT security at ICC. A really short session, I wouldn’t said I learn a lot from there, but it is pretty interesting to know how much awareness the local field inregrading IT security.

I also watched “The Social Network”, real interesting drama that base on true story about Facebook founder. No special effect, no gun shooting, no action, just pure talk; yet the script is brilliantly scripted and acted. I can happily give it 8.5/10

Thanks to Gadong mall to make 3D cinema available in Brunei with a cheap price, I have rewatch Avatar 3D which came with extra footage. Even it is the 2nd time I watched Avatar, due to the 3D effect and great story, I was captivated through out the movie without boredom. Great stuffs! 9/10

I also watched Megamind 3D, great family cartoon with a interesting turn of event. 8/10

December I believe gonna be another busy month, especially need to plan and arrange for the Christmas event, activity and of coz GIFT!!! Yet gonna look forward to it. ^w^