Moon Ring

IMG_0729 IMG_0733

I was dead tire when I arrived home, and it was around 12plus am at that time. But the moment I look up to the sky and saw the moon with the moon ring, my sleepiness was completely shine off by the beauty. I grabbed my camera and start playing around with the composition and settings. By the time I am done with the photo shooting, I have easily spend over half an hour there While I wasn’t satisfy with the outcome, but I think it is worth to share with you all.

Sometime we can be so engross with the task before us that we forgot to look at what is around us. If I have set my mind to rush to my room instead of looking up to the sky, I would have missed this opportunity. So, slow down, put down the stuffs that you are doing for 1 minute and start to appreciate the things that around it, who know you mind something interesting? This 1 minute of break and energized you beyond your belief. ^w^