5 best Android games that can help kill tons of your free time!

While Android don’t have as much apps / games compare to iOS, it doesn’t mean that Android don’t have any games. Here is the best 5 Android games that I will happily recommend to anyone. Stay away if you don’t have time, cause some of this game will easily consumer tons and tons of hour from your life!

angry birds

Angry Birds

A game that take iPhone / iPad by storm has finally arrived to Android. Over 100 plus level that gonna cost you endless hour. Cost = Free!!! What more can you ask for? Grab it!!!


Blow up

Similar to Angry Birds, instead of using birds you using bomb to destroy building. Free version give you 12x3 level while the paid one give you more than 90x3. It has been over 2 month, yet I havent finish it!

HyperJump Hyper Jump

Similar to doodle jump but ways harder and faster!

Cost = Free for lite version



Doodle jump clone, need I said more?

open sudoko

Open Sudoko

If you like Sudoko, this is a must have for Android! A free Sudoko and you can download additional 100plus more! if one level take you 10mins, this game will easily consume over 50 hour of your life!