Holding a Canon EOS 20D in a time being

For those of you who have read my blog post on My camera main dialler is faulty!!!will know that my faithful Canon EOS 30D is sick and in need of medical check out. Well the latest is that after i send her to Interhouse, which is the authorized Canon medical center in Brunei. After various medical diagnosis, the report show that she is currently suffering from main dialer break down, and need to fly to KL, Malaysia for urgent operations.

When I heard the news, my heart was like drop to rock bottom, she actually need to fly all the ways to KL for operations! Then I asked the ladies who informing me with the latest updates regarding my 30D that I in need for an assistant to replace my 30D role while she is away from me. To my surprise, she actually willing to help me to get a replacement for the time being. So the next day after she have talk to her manager, she inform me that they manage to get 20D as my temporary assistant.


When I was introduce to 20D, my reaction is that she is just like 30D, the weight and the shape is almost identical, the feel when I hold it in my hands is exactly identical to 30D. If not because of the smaller LCD screen compare to 30D, I would have thought that it is my 30D.

Well, I really appreciated Canon Interhouse for willing to rent me a replacement body while my 30D is away for an occasions and hopefully by the time my 30D come down, she will not bring a big bill with her. At this moment, I will just have to rely on 20D for snipping peoples >w<