My camera main dialler is faulty!!! TwT

Just found out that my faithful Canon Eos 30D decided to break down when I was excited to take a full rainbow shoot when I was on my way home. . . .

IMG_0048 Right after I changed my lens to UWA, started up my camera, point my camera to the rainbow, my index finger move to the main dialler trying to adjust the aperture setting. Instantly I know something isn’t right. . . after a few testing trying to roll the dialler, I knew very well that my camera dialler is faulty and in need of repair. . . my heart sink, and my excitement drop to the bottom pit. So I simply snap a few shoot and decided to call it off. . . .

For those who got no idea what a main dialler is just look at the pictures.


Depends on the camera mode you use, it is one of the essential roller to control your camera setting like aperture, shutter speeds and etc. Since I mainly use aperture mode, so I use if really often to control my settings. In fact, this is my 2nd most used button other than the shutter buttons.

So I definitely need to send this to Canon show room for repair, hopefully this will not burn a big hole to my wallet TwT