Absolutely must have Android Apps for Shoyo HTC desire

OK! If you google top android apps I pretty sure that it will generated huge list of web site from top 5, top 10, even top 50 apps!!! So what’s so difference with my? For my case, here are some of the apps that is ABSOLUTELY must have!!! If I gonna flash my phone, or format my phone or ever will I upgrade my phone, I pretty sure I will install all this apps into my phone (not unless I found any new and better one) As for now, I present to you the absolutely must have Android Apps for Shoyo HTC Desire!

Not in any particular order, all with QR code

1. Apps Organizer

apps organizer

Why? If you ever struggle with trying to put more program short cut, apps into your home screen. You will appreciate apps organizer, it allow you to tag your apps into custom categories and then putting it as widget. Just imagine creating multiple folders and putting your program short cut inside. With this, I can categories all my apps in one home pages, then use the rest of the home pages for other widgets.

2. Bar code scanner barcode scanner

This has been feature in multiple site, and it is also one of my personal favourite. It is basically a barcode scanner program that allow you to scan barcode or QR code, then it will try to search the products / website / android apps / contact etc from the web. It also can generate QR code for your existing apps / contact / web site and share it with others. Never fail to amaze my colleagues or friends.

3. ES File explorer

ES file explorer

A file explorer program that allow me to access my LAN share folders through WI FI and copy / paste to my phone or pc. What more I need to say?

4. Funky expenses

Funky Expneses

If you are a person that very good in keeping your finances or expenses then this program is not for me. Else for people like me sometime just don’t know where my money go, Funky expenses provide me the ability to keep track my expenses while include my Bank and credit card account in check. You need to do a bit of debit & credit though.

5. GDocs


The ability to sync with my Google Docs while allowing me to edit those documents with a free price tag!!! Can I have an excel version also? >w<

6. Google Googles

Google Googles

I don’t really use this app very often, but the ability to scan a physical items and able to search the matching item is really really impressive!!! iPhone users gonna have this app really soon, so show this off to them before they get it!!!

7. GStrings


Please!!! Whatever is in your mind, this app is not what you are thinking about!!! Basically this is a guitar tuner programs to tune your guitar, and it is pretty accurate!

8. Handy Calc

HandyCalc A calculator that provide not just basic mathematic calculation, but scientific calculator, unit converter, variable and function and and and currency converter that actually include Brunei Currency!!!

9. Led Desire Light

LED Flash

If you already updated your Desire to Froyo 2.2, then you may not need this. Or else, an app that make use of your LED flash as torch light, or use it to generate morse code for fun. It is an app that you will appreciate when you need it.

10. Rock Player

Rock player

The problems with Android is the inability to play multiple video format. As far as I am aware, default android player still have problems to play some div / avi files. So rock player is here for the rescue if you want to play other format. So far I have no problem with avi, div, flv format, playing 720p mkv will lag which is a bit disappointing for me, since those are most of the video format I have.

11. Bible


If you are a Christian and don’t mind to use your data plan or WI FI for Bible reading. This is by far the best online Bible I have come across. Support multiple format include NIV, NLT, and other popular format. What’s the price? Free!!!

12. MSN Talk

MSN Talk

If you only use windows live account for chatting, which happen to most users in this region (or Brunei) and absolutely can’t wait for windows live to exist in Google phone (will they?) MSN talk is one of the best MSN chat clients I used, while Fring and others come second.

Is this all I have? Of course Not! I have lot’s more apps & games that I have installed to my phone are worth mentioning. But I feel that this are some of the programs that I just can’t go without it! The other apps like Facebook, twitter are default apps that you will have, and evernote / drop box has been mentioned all the time. I may blog about my choices of Android games in the future depends on the outcome. So continue to stay tune with me :)