Miri Trip Part III

When it come to photography, one of my favourite is candid shoot. It is always those spontaneous moments that peoples are strip off their self defense against the camera and being true to the situation around them (I’m not saying peoples always fake infront of camera!!!) And it also one of those moment that you get it see some kind of faces that you don’t usually see.


IMG_6560 IMG_6569 It is especially nice to candid the family moments, I think it is one of the essences that video cannot capture. While video can capture the whole things / story but sometimes photo just leave so much for you to imagine the story.

This one was totally unplanned, I didn’t even realized that I left my off camera flash there while testing the shoot, but what I like about is how the light spread. It actually some new ideas with regarding using light, so it is a worthy mistake >w<


So is this all for my miri trip? Nah, I actually got a totally un plan event that await me without me knowing it!!! So stay tune ~~~~

But at the mean time, feel free to check out my FB for the rest of the pictures