My Room entertainment system

Previously I posted about my purchase of Sony KDL – 40w5500, which is almost 2 week by now; I am still pretty happy with it.

And this is how it look in my room atmIMG_3224-3

To give you a better perspective the size of a 40” tv, a quick shot of me with my TV. Those Starwar toys is from my brother who are in New Zealand at this moments, helping him to keep it while decorate it in my room.

IMG_3233-5 Now, it has officially turn my room into a media entertainment paradise, with my pc act as the media central with the abilities to play video, music, internet + games with 5.1 surround sound. Technically we called it Home Theatre Personal Computer in short HTPC. It doesn’t mean that normal pc with PC monitor cannot be called HTPC, it is just that having a bigger screen make watching movie so much more enjoyable compare to my previous Samsung 19” LCD.

Recently I also installed a program called XBMC, it is a front end media program  similar to Windows Media Centre. The installation is pretty easy, but configure the contents with video information took me a huge chunk of time (might be due to my slow internet connections?) But once you start setting up and saw the result of it, you can’t really stop. . .

This is how it look likescreenshot006 With some extra feature like weather broadcast, hardly use it for me, but good to have it. If you look carefully, it also support for music & pictures, but personally  I feel that iTunes is a way better music management programs while Adobe lightroom is my default pictures management.screenshot007

It display my anime collections with wonderful wide banner ^w^screenshot001

It will display Movie information if available, but not for this case . . . . .screenshot000 Movie information with display resolution, audio information and movie rating base on where you query the database.movie screen It can also display individual TV series episode informationscreenshot008Currently I still fine tweaking this program and trying to update my content information one movie at a time, if I can get hold on bigger HDD for storage, I might even start ripping some of my DVD collection. Since it gonna took me a long time to do it, I don’t see myself doing it any time soon (too lazy) :p  So if you guys wanna drop by my place (room) to watch movie? Do let me know.