2 inconsiderate idiots = PROBLEMS!!!


Sometime you just feel like crack open someone head to see what is really inside their brain. Take this one as example, the blue car actually blocked the only way out for those that parking at another side, there are already quite a few cars right in front of him. Then come this Daihatsu Siron with what ever freaky genius mind inside the brain decided to park behind the blue car! Blocking not just the blue car but also others car around him!!! Who they think they are? Police official? Dato? Orang Kaya? Land owner? Looking at their car none of them fit lah. . . .

Sometime it really make me wonder, it doesn’t take a person with a Master degree in city infrastructure to know that if you park there, the rest of the peoples cannot come out. Some more it isn’t because there aren’t parking around, the blue car just have to drive in make a turn, and there are at least 3~5 slot waiting for him. . . . . . . Then the Siron also another one, look carefully you already know you shouldn’t park there lah.

One uncle I know from the same block of building actually waited more than 15mins before I arrived the scene! So I got no idea how long they actually parked there. . . 

Just to let you all know, my car didn’t get blocked by any of them, in fact I just found my parking near them since I just came back from one of my client office. But this really a scene can’t be missed.


1 inconsiderate idiot = inconvenient to others

2 inconsiderate idiots = problem to others

what happen if you have three? I think I will see spark or gun powder flying around? >w<