A bit more on Chinese New Year 2010

Lately due to chinese new year, I have pretty much in holiday cruise mode even at the work place, which is pretty bad though. Some more I haven’t updated the photo that I meant to upload. . .  so today I better upload some before I get even more lazier :p

Here is our family photo for 2009, due to my two brother + family wasn’t around. So it is quite a small group, hopefully next year I can get a even better family photo :)


Today, Mary invited us for her open house after our breakfast, so we happily obligate ourselves to accept her invitation >w<

As usual, always enjoyed the foods + company of fellowship with some photo taken.



IMG_2944-Edit IMG_3019-Edit

I also changed some photoshop technique instead of my usual pp with some of the photo’s, more of it you can check out my FaceBook, feel free to comment if you like to ^w^