Eps 6: Welcome Ezekiel Emmanuel Tan Ngee-Ern 陳義恩


My 3rd brother Victor & Sis in law Edith just born a son on friday night!!! It is the first born son for my 3rd brother and all of us are rejoicing and exciting about this new born child. So for now I have 3 nephew and 4 nieces, and I believe the number will continue to grow!!! >w<

Once Captain Mike heard the news, he is so excited that he wanted to do something about it. So he made a red egg which Chinese usually use it for birthday and also mean to symbol a new life. Welcoming Ezekiel Emmanuel Tan Ngee-Ern to Tan family and also to this world. Pray and believe that you will have a wonderful, blessed, and fulfilling life under the care, maturing of Victor Tan family.

Congrats and well done to Victor & Edith \(^w^)/