IMG_2017Victor Tan,  the 3rd out of 4 in our family. 10 years old different between me and him. The one who bring me to church when I was in Perth, Australia.

Today he have finally embark a new journey together with his wife Edith to New Zealand where he will spend at least the next 2 years for his further studies. Though he is travelling to a unknown land, where there gonna be cultural differences, difference life style, but one thing we are sure that our Lord will be with them where ever they are. It should be a very exciting & challenging journey since Edith going to born a new child even next few month, but as long as they support one another & look to Him, I pretty sure I will heard alot of story once he come back to Brunei for visit / holiday or what ever reasons. :p

God bless, Vic & Edith.