A walk Consumer Fairs 2009 @ ICC

Consumer Fairs is consider one of the biggest events in Brunei where over few hundreds of company/shops taking chance to participants to promote their products to the Brunei mass market. So I decided to take a look around and what they offer this years, well. . . . .  as expected it was jam packed with peoples… Some of the walk way you have to really dig your ways through.


The time when we are there, it is easily over few thousand peoples crawling around, and for what? Since salary just came out not long ago, everyone is really in a buying stream, especially when shop decided to do up to 70% sales!!! IMG_2194 Amy & Lily cam whoring


& Michelle is with her flute where ever she go


So, how is it compare to last year? It really got way more shop that last year, but too many shops yet too little fun I suppose? But I was drooling over the HDTV pricing over there though, I really think I gonna get a HDTV in my room, but how soon is it? Only time will tell.