Canon 30D


After months of struggle with my Panasonic FZ-28 and wanted a proper DSLR, I finally got myself a used Canon EOS 30D. Really want to thanks Terence for passing me the info for this deal, remarkable cheap for such camera (even though it is a 3 years old model) You can read the reviews from DPreview

After acquire this camera with a 18-55mm IS kit lens, I can honestly said I'm hook to DSLR. While the picture quality not that much difference compare to my Panasonic DMC FZ28 in day light, it is the high ISO performance that set this 2 camera apart. While I have to hesitate to use ISO800 with FZ28, I can happily snap photo with ISO1600 using 30D and the pictures is clearer than my Fz28 with ISO800 mode.

This shoot is taken @ ISO 1600 with some PP


Another different with 30D compare to FZ28 is how fast can it Auto Focus to the subject, it is so fast that I can burst photo like a machine gun  XD

And it help a lot to capture that "moments"




Even as great as it is, I have to say  that Canon 30D is not beginner friendly at all. If you have no ideas about aperture, shutter speed, exposure, and especially ISO and expecting you can take photo with Auto Mode. I can bet most users will be disappointed. 

It is the time I have with my FZ28 and learning through the web that help me really appreciate what a DSLR camera can do. I also grateful that I didn't jump straight to DSLR , since I will most likely buy a beginner DSLR body at that time instead of a semi pro body.

So did I miss my FZ28? In certain aspect I will said yes.

But will I go back to use Point & shoot camera instead of DSLR? NO!!! Unless I need a light weight camera with movie shooting capability, even in that case I will most properly bring 2 together.

So did a DSLR make me a better photographer? I wish but too bad it didn't happen, at the end of the days, camera is just a tools, it is up to the users to turn it into arts, which I still have a long long way to go :P