GoldPages Expo Brunei 09


I been told on that day(12th July) that Priz gonna join the fashion makeup competition for GPEP @ the mall. Since I has just acquired my DSLR (to see how it perform) and also to give some moral support for Priz, I decided to go with full anticipation.

This time the stage was position at the side of the main hall, while other booth was station at the centre, while I don't understand why such a setup (didn't have enough budget?), that didn't bother me so much.

One of the main participants is skin food, they hire dancers to perform on the stage and also some makeup session. Look like Eileen trying hard to push their products awareness to the public. (It was so crowed that I didn't manage to go to the front to snap)




Just like how this company decorate their signboard.


We went to the backstage to catch Priz in her preparation.


Fashion walk under children category. They are so nervous when they are walking on the stage :p


010 011


Speed hair cut

016 018

I'm particular amazed by this kid for standing rock solid from beginning til the end of the session


Finally the main show we are waiting for with 3 participants. I just can't imagine how much efforts the 2nd ladies has to go through for her preparations, of course I'm pretty amaze by her efforts and the result.


And the final winner is none but our dear Priz. Well done and we are really happy for you :)


Some kids enjoying fish spa


At the end of the day, I really like how Canon EOS 30D perform in such situations; great high ISO1600 with enough shutter speed to capture snap after snap. It is also through this events I found out some of the limitations of my lens, while it perform decently at such events, times just came that I wish I have a longer zoom to help with the compositions, another things is that aperture 5.6 @ the zoom end (55mm) just cannot provide fast enough shutter speed even at ISO1600.

By the way I also realised that peoples actually treat you differently when you are holding a DSLR, some of my friends actually though I'm working as a photographer/journalist, which I believe some of the passing by also think the same things when I'm snapping them.

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