B Mobile The Loyalty Club Show

Since Gadong mall is the most happening place in BSB, it is also become a place where variety of exhibitions, market and road show occur, and usually it fall on month end. This time B Mobile hosted "B Mobile The Loyalty show" to promote their new mobile phone and also The loyalty Club. 001


One of the high light of the event is the fashion walk, and the reason I am there, since I never see a Brunei fashion show before, so decided to give it a watch.



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Only after watching it and explained by friend, only then I realised this is actually a fashion walk competition where models wear cloth from various sponsor and trying to promote B Mobile service to the public, and the best model will win a price too. 

I hear she is quite a famous singer from Indonesia, but sorry that I don't know her name. Any kind soul wanna help me out? :p


One of the pedalboard from the Indonesia band. I'm really drooling over that H&K Tubeman Pre-amp


One of the sight of such events is that you can for sure see a lot of peoples took out their hand phone and start to video/ photo the events. Which is not possible 10 years or even 5 years before.


Overall the events was fun and interesting, but I just cannot understand how some of the models get past the audition stage, or did they have audition for the models?

This was my first attempts to take event photography, and it is really challenging and tough. At time like this, I really wise that I have a decent DSLR on hand so I can grab better shot that what I have now, but it is still a great learning experience for me.