Jakarta Trip Day 1


It has been over a year I last touch down Jakarta, and a lot of peoples asking me did I go for Jakarta for a conference or church events? Well, I have to told them no, I visit Jakarta to attend my friend Franki wedding.

It was a 11:20am flight, a petty smooth flight, it even reach Jakarta 20mins ahead of schedule. WOW!!! This is what I have on the plane

day1_002 day1_003

Really took a lot of photo  this time, so gonna share with you all what I have



The room where I sharing the bed with Kevin for the next 6 days~~~~~







A 3 wheel taxi that you will commonly found on Jakarta road





After some rest in Endry house, we went around Jakarta, because Franki need to pick up his wife (Venni), and some stuffs, then we head to one of the mall to meet up with Lidya and have dinner together.

day1_014 day1_013

Din Tai Fung, a famous chinese restaurant that originally from Taiwan I hear, and I like the way there structure the bambo.






day1_009 day1_010 day1_011 day1_012

This are some of the foods we have over the table.



And of course you need someone to consume the foods.





If anyone tell you shopping in Jakarta is boring, that's either he/she didn't go to the right place or they are just staying at home?


Can you believe this? A boat inside the mall?








What you gonna do if you saw something that awesome? Go there and take some photo lah.






day1_020 day1_023 day1_024 day1_025

Btw, this actually part of the ice cream, so if you don't buy anything from them, you are not allow to use the facility. So here goes

day1_026 day1_027




From Left: Kevin, Venni, Franki, Me, Endry and Lydia






The Flower among the thorns







King Endry, with the guards







day1_034 day1_035

Endry make a few round around the road because he keep missing the turning to Lydia house, I think he just want to make an excuse to let Lydia stay in his car for longer period, right Endry? We almost got ourselves lose after dropping Lydia, and pass by some really tight valley and almost got Endry car scratch. Anyway, manage to reach home safe and sound with lot's of fun. I think by then was already 11pm jakarta time lia, need to update my face book and blogs for my fellow friends :)