What it mean to you being rich?


I believe a lot of peoples want to a millionaire, include myself. One of the greatest desire of my is to be financial free from debt and responsibility. But of course it will never happen in the real sense :p Anyway, this question come into my mind after I went over to the money charger and exchange some ruppiah, since i will be going to Jakarta next week. I decide just exchange B$150.70, and the return amount is Ruppiah $950,000!!!

One of my reaction was like "wow", really sound like a lot of money. Of course, it wouldn't make my heart beat faster or so whatever since we know that it only value Brunei $150 nia.

Then I remember that being rich is really subjective, to some peoples being rich mean driving a Ferrari, have a huge mansion, own a personal flight jet. While to some, able to have a meals every day is being rich and luxury.

While the world have their ways to measure peoples success and riches. I think one of the most important criteria is being content with what you have and know that everything come from God. Even the richest and wisest man in the bible, King Solomon at his old age said that everything is just vanity and meaning less, just like chasing the wind under the sun.

Of course, being a human myself, I have desire and goals, asking me to content with what I have is difficult. So this is one of the things that I myself have to learn.