Mike Guglielmucci

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Picture from: The Australian News

For those of you who not sure who is Mike Guglielmucci, he is one of the youth pastor in the well know church in Australia call Planetshakers, he is also a well know song writer and worship leader that wrote ~70% of the songs on most of the latest Planetshakers albums like All for Love, Free, Saviour of the world etc. He has reach up and touch thousand and thousands live of the youths around the world through his songs and his ministry, and many of them look up to him as their hero.

But once again God prove that we as a Christian shouldn't look unto men, but to fix our eyes upon Jesus.

If you want to know about it, you can Google it or read from the link, pretty much has sum it all.

I wasn't aware of the news not until saturday when Carol show me the sms, and Joasis told me about it. I was a bit skeptical since I don't know the whole story. So after my meeting and practice I went home and start searching, personally I was shock to read all the news. I mean, come on, you are serving in a mega church, ministering thousands and thousands of youths, wrote tons of songs that touch many life (including me); and out of all this you decided to fake and tell others that you have cancer and go all the ways to wear an oxygen tube and sang in front of thousands of peoples in the Hillsong conference? Why you want to do all this? This is one of the thoughts that go through my mind, and I believe a lot of us ask the same questions also.

Honestly, I was sad that to see another great man of God fall due to sins and reasons that I can't understand (only God know what Mike go through in his heart). It was really a tough week for planetshakers, churches in Australia and around the globe, most so to the family of Mike Guglielmucci. The only things I can offer is a prayer to God both for the family of Mike, and to the body of Christ then they will find forgiveness, peach and unity in this tough time.

Since I am serving in the youth ministry, as a youth leader and worship leader, I started to ask myself the condition of my own. While I am in no way serving the scale like Mike do, which we have only about 2+ youths weekly attendants. It doesn't mean that I don't carry any impact into their life as I continue to serve Him and ministry. It was my joy to see our youth to find God into their personal life and mature in Him and eventually decide unto themselves that they want to serve Him not because the parents told them, not because of the youth leaders ask them to do it, but out of their own conviction in Christ.

As I ask myself, through out this years of ministering and serving, what is my motive behind it? Do I serve because I want to find acceptance, belonging in the body of Christ. Do I do it because it is good works? Or do it because I hope that by doing so, I can exchange my good works against my sin? Will I become like what the bible said in revelation, like those prophets and workers who cast out demon in the name of Jesus, yet Jesus said "away from me, for I do not know you."

As I started to put my thought on it, we are really just a earthly being that live in worldly earth, as I ask myself, I can identify all this with my own. To a certain degrees of truth, I do serve because I want to have acceptance, friendship, belonging in church,I do it because I know it is good works, and I serve because I know I have sin against Him. At the end, I am just a mere human like the rest of the sinners, knowing that good works will not grant me salvation to the kingdom of God. It is only through the blood of Jesus, and by His grace and mercy that we received forgiveness and healing.

Do I serve Him with the right motive? I think this is a question that I have to constantly ask myself, and needed Him to continue to be my guide to make sure that I don't go to the wrong paths.