The Water Horse : Legend of the Deep

Recently just watched water horse movie in Gadong Mall cineplex with few of the youth. Initially I suppose to watch it in Kiulap Cineplex becayse i prefer the sit over there, and i even checked the internet base on simpur net schedule. So i asked the few youth who are interested, and arrange the time on 2:20pm.
So I went to Kiulap mall after my lunch, and to my horror I found out that they didnt show the movie base on the time i want, and the next show will be on 7:30pm which I don't want it. So I quickly called Gadong cineplex to find out their schedule, and their next show will be on 3:30pm, so i wait the rest of the youth and ask them to go into my car and way to gadong for our movie. Initially the reason I want to watch this movie is because the poster posted it as The Chronicles of Narnia series, now after I do some research through wiki only then i found that it is by Chronicles of Narnia film production but story by Dick King Smith.

Plot: (extract from wikipedia)

In the 1940s in Scotland, young boy Angus MacMorrow lives in a large house with his mother and sister and a maid, and later also another servant. As Angus has been told, his father is missing since his ship has been sunk in the war, so it is very likely that he is dead. However, Angus hopes he is still alive. He discovers a big mysterious egg and cares for what hatches of it: a 'water horse' he calls Crusoe that becomes the fabled Loch Ness Monster. As an old Angus explains in flash-forwards, there is always only one such creature: creatures of this species asexually reproduce through parthenogenesis, and always die after laying an egg

I'm not a person that like to give spoiler to the movie or pin point the mistake of the director / script writter, because I believe you can find better site if you want those stuffs. As for me, while I don't like some of the parts and find that some event is just ilogical (Angus for once who scare of water and always fall into water, know how to swim in some part of the story?), but as a family movie it was serve it's purpose that provide great family fun for the children while no extreme violent is involve, while you do get scare in certain parts of the show thought but not something that will lead you to nightmare (hope so).

Overall I will give 7/10