Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國之見龍卸甲

Just watched Three kingdom: Resurrection of the dragon yesterday evening, actually I wanted to watch this on tueday, so that after that i just have to go have a good meal and off to CG after that, but due to the power outrage on tueday, I decided to watch on wednesday evening instead

Plot: Extract from Wiki
Andy Lau stars as Zhao Zilong, a veteran general of the Kingdom of Shu who took a last stand against the invading forces from the Kingdom of Wei. Maggie Q is the fictional Cao Ying, a grand-daughter of the warlord Cao Cao, whose son Cao Pi became the first emperor of the Kingdom of Wei.

The story depicts an alternate history, following the events that unfolded in the Three Kingdoms era through the life of the legendary Shu general Zhao Zilong. Zhao Zilong began his military career as a soldier in Liu Bei's army. Zhao Zilong once displayed his fine spear skills to Liu Bei in a small face-off with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. This impressed Liu Bei, and he decided to promote Zhao Zilong to the rank of a general. Zhao Zilong was bestowed with the 'All Piercing Spear'.
Romance of three kingdom is such a epic tale then almost every single chinese will hear about it, while this movie is base on it, but there are certain part that derive from the actual story itself, but I will leave that to others to debate or critics it.

For me, I really like this movie, first and formost. Original chinese voice acting instead of chinese character, chinese movie yet speaking in english kind of stuffs. While i know that it is use for international appeareance, but there are not doubt somethings just went missing when they are speaking in english. It is well know fact that you can never translate other languages perfectly not matter what. In the same way, I totally despite watching english movie and hear them speak chinese, or japanese anime in english dub, for I will try to avoid those as much as possible. Give me original voice acting and subtitle, even if it mean losing some of the translation.

2nd. No supermove like throwing fireball, remote flying weapons etc, while i dunt mind those part as long as it is done properly and nicely, but if you are using 3 kingdom as the base and start throwing those stuffs in, it is just out of place, so i was really happy not such things happen here. While martial fighting kind of fancy but it was in the acceptable level. Nicely done fighting effect, with some bloods flashing here and there, the movie 300 has really affect the action movie industry to something new. But one of the major issues with this movie is that you cannot feel the crash between 10k~20k of armies, it feel more like only 10~20 peoples gang fight.

I think the story is the one do injustice to this movie, too 1 liner, predicetable, and not much character development, while trying to focus on just Zhao Zilong (趙子龍) itself, but the story flash so fast since they trying to put his whole life in less than 2 hour, if they have enough budget (or whatever reason) to extend it to 3 hour, I believe it will be alot better than what they have now.
But overall, i enjoy the movie itself. 7.5/10