The reborn of Shoyo Blogspot

Some of you may realise that my blog has change it layout, the main reason is that i accidentally deleted my old template and found out my backup no longer work with the new blogger function. So it give me no choice but to redo my blogspot from the start. Photobucket

For the start, since I no longer good in web language and programming, so the easy way out is always use other peoples work. So far I still like the minimalists approach from the original blogger template, but in today age, I believe majority of us no longer use any resolution lower than 1024*768 (even a 14" laptop use this as the minimal) So i modify the template to 1000 resolution and modify the template element around to suit my taste.
In case you dunt know, now blogger site use XML to manipulate how your blog behave instead of the usual xhtml, the advantage is that it give new users and normal user who dont have any programming language to jump start their, but for those like to tweak their site, that's mean that they have to relearn XML.
But even you are not familiar with the xml program, if you know what you want to do to your site, your best friend "Mr Google" is right at your finger tips, and by google through website I manage to pull off some new spice to my site. While it is still construction with some minor tweak coming along, but hope that you all like to give comment or advise for me to improve on it. Photobucket