My first ever Bluetooth stereo headset

It has been quite a while I post related to my personally gadget life I suppose? Anyway, after I acquire my HTC Touch 6 month ago, I had been thinking to get myself a Bluetooth headset. Personally I just hate those headsets that you put beside your ear. Somehow to me it look like you are those clerk that doing telephone help line, some more in Brunei, the variety of Bluetooth headset is very limited and expensive, I think so far I see the most variety in headset is still QQEstore, but it was kind of expensive compare to my budget.

Then here it is, my dad went to Kuching for chin ming together with my niece and nephew , so I took the opportunity to ask them to help me get one Photobucket, with a little drama and adventure along the way, they manage to help me bring back SONY ERICSSON HBH-DS220. So here I am, bring you a mini reviews of my journey with HBH-DS220 connected to my HTC Touch and equipped onto me.
Before all things, here is the picture of my new item Photobucket
The Original Box
Unboxing it
What you get from it
What You get
IMO when it comes to size and weight, it will fall into very light category. The build is a bit too plastic for my taste; hopefully it can last against my heavy abuse. Built: 6.5/10
The headset come with a small digital display showing battery and pairing information, a call handling button right at the center, a play and pause button (double as volume control when hold) at the side together with a on/off button. Really not much feature when you compare to some other headset. Feature: 6/10 Ease of use: 7/10
The process to pair this headset with my HTC is definitely easy, all I need to do is turn on the headset til the pairing symbol start flashing, then turn on my HTC Bluetooth and it will detect it. After that I just need to key in the pass code, and select the services available for the headset and here you go. WIRELESS FREEDOM!!!
Music quality is on par with my HTC touch wire headset, and the good things about this headset is that it allow me to swap to any headset with wills, I have tried it with my some of my other headphone and it clearly show that it can produce better sounding if I change to better headset.
Call/Mic quality was quite ok, it was kind of blur when it come to my taste, maybe there is something I miss out? Sound: 6.5/10
Value for money, for RM299 after convert become B $128.00 compare to QQestore B$148.00, and cost more than this if you purchase something similar in the shop, I will said 8/10
The main reason I purchase this headset is that so I can listen to my music collections in my HTC Touch without any wire entangle, so for the sole purpose itself, I believe this kit will server me well. BTW, this is still the first day usage, so my reviews is pretty much base on my first impression.
Overall, while I think the overall quality is sub-par, but I can’t deny that I really love the wireless freedom that comes with it. So at this moment I will give it a 7/10 scoring Photobucket