First of all, I must apologies to all my friends that read my blog. It has been almost 4month without any proper updates and blogging. I have been really slacking with this, and keep on wondering what should I do about my blog, honestly I not interested to post what I ate this morning, lunch or dinner (unless it is something really special/ delicious?), and I don't think my daily routine is that interesting for me to post about. So come to me if you got anything you like me to talk about, ok?

Anyway, some minor update about what happen to me lately, getting kind of busy, since my work nature has shift slightly. For those of you wondering, I still work in same company called "WMK", still work as a support; but I now handle both hardware and software issues compare to previously solely on hardware. Regarding software issues will be like supporting the account software that we sold to customer, like implementation, training and troubleshoot if anything go wrong with the database. So I was supporting both hardware and software for the last 2 month, usually our company we refer to hardware support or software support when we need to categories the problem, but because of what I'm doing now, we have a new term called "Midware Support". Of course we don't tell customer that lah, mainly for fun to term it.

Also, been busy with my church activity, we just have a pastor from KL attend to us, and the youth's really love him. He is funny and the way he share his testimonies in life make it relevant to most of us, and our church as greatly bless by his sharing, we would love to see him come again.

Ok, that's about it for now, gonna run a short training session for 3 users about how to use the software this afternoon. Keep tune, more will come soon. (But how soon? Dunt know :p )