The long awaited Big Day!!!

It has been long overdue from my last post, and i suppose to post some blog about Nana wedding and until now i haven't done so.
8/12/2007 Saturday.
The big day finally come, the long awaited wedding ceremony for my 3rd brother Victor is finally here. Everybody has been waiting for this for so long, and it is worth the wait I will said, seeing my bro testify how long he has been praying, what he has been asking God about his "requirements", and God has been faithful to answer all his wants.

The ceremony and dinner was hosted in Asma Hotel Brunei, all the ceremony and dinner went on very smoothly. Well, a big thanks for my brother church AFC members, you all did a wonderful jobs, and thanks for doing so much for my bro.

While all the events went on smoothly, we have a very sour deal with Asma hotel staffs itself (at least for me), and I wouldn't tell you much over here, but if you from Brunei, or intent to come Brunei and wanted to stay in Asma, I will said DON'T. If you need more details, you can try to contact me, or leave a comment, and we can talk about this within ourself. :p

I will try to post some pictures once i got it from my brother, and hopefully i can get myself to post some photo about Nana wedding in singapore (which i should already done so)