Weekly Update

Sorry for the late of updating my blogs through up this week. It is just plain amazing that so many things can happen in so litter time. Not really so much lah, but enough to keep me busy through out.
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Hmmm… first and for most, I watched Dejavu on Monday, and I must said it is an excellent movie, great story with a great plot, of course Denzel Washington and the rest of the crews deserve the praise also. Must watch!!! 9/10

2nd: My pc decide to fail on me after serving me for the last 5month, the windows system is totally corrupted and I got no choice but to format and fresh install the whole things, to put salt into the injure, it infested by virus and worm right after I format my pc, which require further action from by trying to clean it =__=” Trying to backup and transfer over 80G of data is just……

3rd: Work, again lots of work have been pilling up, and unexpected hardware and software problem popping out here and there on different company. I been well know in company that I’m a very forgetful person, and to add onto it, I left my bag in one of the company I went yesterday. Not that I forgot about it, it is just that they lock the dept door after the office hour so I can’t take it out. : p

4th: Hmm… too many complain, let change to something lighter. We have a company lunch today at the hotel restaurant, buffet style. The food is not bad, just that today the main dishes is mainly Malay and Chinese food, so kind of spoil the moods. It seems like when it comes to buffet, RBC airport and Empire still remain the best in Brunei. I enjoy myself with all the foods that available, and I ate till I can’t my dinner. Over eating man, don’t know how I gonna kill off those extra calorie that I already took in >w<

5th: Youth teacher meeting after the lunch. Mainly the purpose of this meeting is to discuss further on what we want to do next year and planning on the schedule. We have a very lengthy and fruitful discussion; with this meeting it also help us to shift our mindset to be more prepare for next year. No to work and glorify our self, but to honor God in all serving we can give. Now, I really need to mentally and spiritual prepare myself for next year. More work is awaiting me!!! I like what I hear from the pastor during the fire conference, when you are faithful with the work that God has given to you, it will be rewarded. When you are rewarded it means more work for you :>
Anyway, before I worry about next year, I need to worry about this coming week where I need to lead P&W for the church and I haven’t got single songs yet :p