Eragon, a story about a young boy named Eragon who at one night pick up a dragon egg and destined to be a dragon rider to save the world from the evil king.

Just watched this show at the mall cinema, I must said I am quite disappointed with it. The story process in a way that is predictable and way too classic for my taste, the dialog was simple and straight, not much twists and turns in terms of story line. The CG, special effects and landscape was not bad, but I think it can be better. If you want to see this show and hoping that it can rivals “Lord of the ring”, then I will advise you to turn away from it. At least at this stage, no way in any aspect it can come close to the standard where LOTR has set thus far. Anyway, you can expect part II or maybe even part III release in the near future and improve on what must be improved. At this stage, 7/10.