It has been over 2 week now after having 2 of our youth joining us for the work. It is definitely challenging and stressful to me. Especially during this period of time that I got lot’s of work to deal with, costing me not having enough time to teach them (some more I’m not a good teacher to begin with) to help out the work properly, and seeing them not having proper attitude for the work, it just gave me a lot of stress (need to pray for more patients, or is this the answer prayer God give me?) :p I can’t blame them, they are here as the attachment, receiving not pay first time step into the work environment, with this limited time I don’t think I can change their mind set and way of living dramatically. Put that aside, I get to learn about myself in different perspective. I am more of a lone ranger (hope this is the correct way to call it?) myself when it come to work. I’m too use to working by my own during this few year that I’m not use to having sub-coordinate to follow me around. It also causing me to think why I am involving in youth ministry, music ministry and etc all this year, and having the feeling that I lose my reason for why I am serving in this ministry, or maybe I should said that I am losing my passion for the work that God have give me? (gonna need a lot of refocus I suppose)

Hmm… let’s change topic. Our youth will be heading to limbang again to visit the church one more time this year, this time for the purpose to help out our Sunday school ministry since there going to have a camp there and also to bless the body in limbang. Looking forward how God will move through us and to us this time. ^__^

BTW, the picture is from 彎彎 blog, very interesting blog if you know how to read chinese.