Great? Wonderful? Fantastic meal? My!!! I lost for words

Just came back from my church member house and have an excellent meal at their place. The dishes if I mention to some of my friend is enough to let them drool over it. Anyway, that’s the purpose of me posting this blog, is to let you all drool over it, lol.
  1. Green salad with butter milk dressing
  2. Timun with green cheese& spring onion
  3. Deep fried tempura cutter fish
  4. Carrot soup
  5. Home made bread with butter & garlic
  6. Vegetable with home made mash potatoes
  7. lamp chop
  8. beef steak
  9. spaghetti
  10. home made chocolate cake with cream

All this, together with red wine. Oh my, I ate until I feel like my stomach gonna burst now :p

But I really have a good time with my other invited church members, fantastic meal with great fellowship. Really have to thanks and praise God for all this blessing.