Tap dancing in penguin style

Music + Singing + Tap Dancing + 3D Animation + Penguin = Happy Feet

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I know I will watch this show in anyway, seeing penguin doing rap, singing pop music and tap dancing just pure amusing. As you can expect from Hollywood, it packed with one of the most realistic 3D animation with great music.

Story: Sad to say, it just follows the typical American cartoon formula. Hero born with special ability that the family/tribe that cannot accept, after going through various hardship and events and turn from a zero to a hero at the end. So typical lah.

If you are looking for great story that going to break you to tears. Hmm, I suggest you go else where lia lah. This show is plainly for entertaining and keeps you happy and smiling through out the show. So sit back and relax yourself if you gonna watch this movie. If watching movie is expensive for you, rent it also can. Overall: 7/10