Cooking Contest

For the very first time, we have a mini cooking contest for the youth. Terence is the one who come out with the idea, and prepare all the stuff. Thank You Terence!!! You are great. :) He is the man never fail to marvel me with all his interesting and creative ideas, just make me envy sometime >w<
Anyway, we separate them into their usual grouping, and thank God, Emily and Mary (fully qualify mum) is there, so we can ask them to supervise one of the group, instead of asking the youth to make it by their own. Since they all share the same ingredients, they make salad, spaghetti and corn soup. The result was very impress; once I got the photo from Terence I will upload it for your viewing pleasure.

We have a great time to enjoy the foods, and time of fellowship. Cooked by the youth ok!!! Even some of the parents didn’t have chances to taste it. XD