Gluttony Royale

Picture speak better than a thousand words, just by looking at the picture itself, you all should know that I goanna talk about the latest James bond movie. To be honest, I not a James Bond fans, and I have no intention at all to watch this movie. Even to the point I reject my church member invitations Then come my friend, being a movie freak though not interested to watch, but after hearing good reports and reviews from various source, decided to ask me go together, which suppose to watch sat, but the show was fully book so we change it to today. I told my church friends that I will be watching with my other friend and if Esther found out she goanna kill me. Right after I came out from the cinema, I saw her with others. My~~~ just can’t hide man… Anyway, I didn’t get kill, just got some beating and scar all over. (Joking only ah, please >w<>w< )

After watching the movie, I must say I’m impressed!!! Still James Bond the invincible spy, great car (astro martin GT), and a hot chick >w< style=""> Jacky Chan should ask him on his next movie.

Second things is that, you see bond got scar all over his body in this show, which hardly happen on the previous show, not much gadget this time, but with much better plot, twist and dialog. This time is much more realistic then any of the previous James Bond, I really enjoy this show. IMO, I will give it 8/10

So what does it do with gluttony??? We watched the 4:45 show, so naturally we are hungry after the show end at around 7:15pm. We decided to go Charcoal for dinner, since we haven’t take steak for quite a while. I ordered a T-bone steak, a blueberry cheesecake with ice cream and a cappuccino. My friend while not intention to eat cake saw my cheese cake decide to order also. Talking about trying to resist temptation and gluttony come in? :p Anyway, good food, but definitely not cheap, altogether my meal cost around $30.