Lunch with various bodies

Today, it was an honor invited by agape to have a lunch with them, Pastor Chris and various youth leaders from various churches. This is one of the very first times various youth leaders ever meet together for a meal. It was a wonderful meal, not just because of the foods. But man I must say the serving is HUGE!!! Almost like Aussie standard, we have soup with garlic bread, salad with chicken, a beef rib with potato and coleslaw then end with dessert and coffee. I was very tempted to take photo of all we ate, but better don’t :p

But the main purpose of this meeting is not because of the foods, but to be able to meet various leader from different churches, share with them what you do and what they do, and knowing that from today onward we can find way to communicate with one another. All together, we have various leaders from 6 churches in this meeting. I don’t say this is unheard but definitely very rare in this land. I was also very encouraged by the sharing from the leaders and the pastor, which change my perspective and see how God can move. I pray and believe that this will not be the end, but a new start of event where God can move.

I also want to thank my boss for allow me to take a short leave for this meal, the meeting start from 12pm and i left the place at around 2:30pm.