Stephen & Debbie’s Wedding


One of the reason I went to Singapore for this month is to attend my friend Debbie wedding. I knew her when I was studying in Perth, and she was one of my close friend back then. So when she asked me to attend her wedding, my answer was a straight YES.


Shen Han from shensnaps is the official photographer for the wedding. We both Debbie when we are in Perth, it is pretty interesting that I get to meet him in this occasion.

Here are some of the shoot I took when I was there for the ceremony and dinner.

IMG_6448-Edit IMG_6488 IMG_6496-Edit



To end this post, I want to continue to wish Stephen & Debbie a blessed journey in this new beginning. Pray that He will guide and bless you two as you walk this life to be a living testimony and blessing to your family, friends and any peoples that cross your path. Being in good or bad time you two will continue to support each other in His love. And one last thing “早生贵子”!!!