Rounding out Feb

It seem like time just fly like no body business and now I already in March!!! Febuary is definitely is event and fun filled month for me. First we have chinese new year celebration, then we go for a over night stay at Mangrove resort!

IMG_5441 IMG_5683

Then thanks to Jane Kok, I was invited to AFC 9th anniversary at Emperors court to enjoy a night with foods & stellar performance by various performers. Everytime I am in this kind of event always make me want to have a fast telephone zoom lens or prime lens, my EFS 55-250mm really cannot cope with the situation and environment :\IMG_5835 IMG_5870 IMG_5875 IMG_6016

Caught this one day while I was on my way to client office, shoot this while I still driving!



Then I was helping out as one of the photographer to take the mother & daughter connection. The main objective for such event is to promote mother & daughter relationship by understanding each other better through communication. It is a program originated by Focus on the family, while we only got 5 pairs to participant due to short notice, but we believe that such event will help both the parent & children to build a stronger tie with one another.IMG_6166

That’s about it for the 2nd month for year 2011. We will see what March will unfold ^w^