Happy Chinese New Year

If there are one major event that Chinese shouldn’t miss in their entire year, if will be 年三十(direct translation will be year thirty or we called it new year eve) it is the major time that as a family far and near gather together and have a big feast dinner. While this year we can’t really gather the whole family members since my brother one in Ireland while the other one in New Zealand, those of us are here in Brunei continue with this tradition of feasting.

Then during the night, we played a few fireworks to keep the kids happy and excited and blasted a 36shot firework canon!




First day of Chinese New year, spend the whole morning trying to setup and capture some family portraits. Using 2 flash as strobe with umbrella, I got a decent result with studio lighting. But the whole scenario was frustrating to me in a way that the 2nd flash didn’t fire most of the time, due to slow recycle speed and it eat battery like crazy. Simple term : unreliable!



Then the second issues I have is the backdrop, the background that I have at home wasn’t suitable for a full family portraits so the result wasn’t as satisfying as I want, gonna need to do some photoshop or retaking if necessary if I want a better result.IMG_4889 

   This is one of the technique that I learned during my times in KL, this is actually shooted with one flash as a strobe gelled with a full CTO (orange color) filter to give a sunset look. It was taking around 12plus pm.















But other than that I have plenty of fun shooting them, knowing that whatever it is, I manage to capture a memory and moments of our family history.