After conference

After attending the conference, the way I view photography have changed dramastically! One of the obvious change is when I look back some of my photo and I think all of them suck! XD I began to be more critical towards photo, but my way of composition and vision is still kind of lacking, I suppose this have to come with more practice? But one thing for sure, I started to see more detail in the view finder compare to last time where I will just happily snapping away.


While this look like a normal dog portrait, this was snap without into the view finder and holding it below my knees almost touching the ground. It was one of the technique that I learned during the conference, it is a technique make you more versatile and able to come out with more interesting angle. I actually tried a few other technique that I learned from Michael; the more I tried, the more I know how good Michael is, the flash in one hand, shooting without looking at view finder and his signature panorama shoot is a skill and ability that show how much time he have spend to master it / his ability to photography it. Of course I don’t expect to be like him right after the 2day workshop, but I know what I learn from him is something that I can continue to work on.


Other than the conference, my another objective is to be able to meet up with some of my old friends from Perth. Is kind of waste that Shen Han unable to join us since he have to go back early. But indeed it was a joy to be able to meet them face to face again and caught up with how they doing in their life. I have a good time chit chatting with them and I am pretty sure I will try to caught them out again whenever I visit KL.