On the Edges

Ever went through a day or time where everything just doesn't work for you? Where thing just decided to fail on you on the critical moments?
Basically I just went through this situation yesterday. I was given an assignment to put together a photo slide to show to the congregation.What really tickle me is that while I am working on the slide, the program will constantly crush. It came to the point like it will crash almost every 10-15mins, what is interesting is that when I use my the other computer for working the slide it will also crash. =w=”
Then on the night before the actual events, the projector having communication problems where it doesn’t want to display due to weird display resolution requirements (which don’t happen often), to ensure and make myself stress free for the actual day, I spend the like 30mins to troubleshoot and rectify the problem.
Now come actual day, I setup the presentation and give it a fast trial run
  • Projector – Go
  • Sound – Go
  • Actual slide show – Go
So everything work fine as it should be, “Great!” I thought, and go on with preparing my equipments; I am also playing as a guitarist for the day. Then 5minute before the services, I realized the projector wasn’t displaying any image with the message showing “Source not found”. Doubt and anxiety started to climb unto me. Went to the technical room, tried to restart the pc, projector, going through few ways of configuration trying to get it done. Not valid, and we are behind schedule. Thanks God that I bring the laptop with me, so I decided to use the laptop instead of the pc, bring the laptop all the way in front, unplug the cable and connect it to the laptop. WORK!
Now I need a extension cable for the laptop since the laptop battery is below 50% and I’m sure it wouldn’t be able to go through the whole session. So looking for extension cable, remember that I got one in my bag, so quickly take out the extension plug it to the wall socket. Boom! The whole electrical went down, so it turn out that my extension is faulty,run across the stage and almost fell down in front of everyone (will be one of my most embarrassing moment if that happen :p ). Finally, we disamble the extension from the CCTV in order to make room for the laptop and officially start the service.
Time for the presentation, I have run the audio cable to the patch panel so it can go straight to the PA system, it turn out that the sound cannot properly project for technical reason and I have to resolve using microphone to amplify the music. Which is definitely not optimized but I left with little choice since we don’t have time to diagnose and finding other alternative.
Through out the whole event of trouble, no doubt frustration and burden was on me, but now I looking at it, I am pleasantly surprise that I didn’t blow out. I manage to keep myself under control and resolve the issues. Of course, through out the whole time this is not a one man show, there are others doing various stuffs to keep the congregation attention and vice versa. Definitely is one heck of event that I will not forget, yet no way I want it to happen again. Well thank God that in the end every thing work fine. Now I seriously need sleep >w<