Creative Asia KL, Michael Greenberg workshop

Creative Asia Conference, Michael Greenberg workshop are the main reason that I decided to make my ways to KL. If you not sure about his work, you can go to www.phototerra.com, his work will astound & amazed you.
While being excited, I was also a bit of skeptical of fearing that the speaker cannot really deliver. While you can be among the top in your field, it isn't necessary mean that you can teach as well as you perform your job.  Ok, he is not those dynamic, charismatics speaker with lots of movement and action. In fact, most of the session he just sit down and talk, and answering our questions; but the amount of depths of information, though processes, how he work, and how he make use of locations bring you to the reigns of possibility to almost infinity. Putting into the facts that 15 participant can sit in his class all the ways til 6pm with minor break in between show how much we are trying to absorb from him (The class suppose to finish at 5pm)

A group photo of the participants with Michael GreenBerg, if you are from Brunei, you will realized Jason from Masamichi Studio & Sazali from Moments. Of course there are others from UK, Middle East and mainly Malaysia photographers. Great peoples to talk with!

Great time, great peoples, and great workshop, so wish that we can extended  the workshop hour. Truly enjoy it and well worth the cost. Once I have enough time I will try to show and talk more about it. :)