Consumer Fair Part 6 2010

Consumer Fair has been the one of the major event that managed by Sunlit and approved by the Brunei gov’t, where it allow various companies to set up a booth in order to sell / market their products. You can check out my previous post on Consumer fair part 5 if you want.

This time round, they decided to host it on Bridex Halls at Jerudong.


Amy was really pump up when she saw the cat foods package, she was like jumping up & down and asking me to take a photo of it; the logo was designed by her so is understandable.

IMG_9509 As the events organiser, Sunlit staffs still have to work even during late sunday night. Or are they happy go lucky around the booth? Hmmmm. . . . . . >w<

IMG_9508IMG_9524 IMG_9529

So how’s consumer fair this time? I was chit chatting with some of the trading companies, and all of them mentioned that it wasn’t as good as the previous one, all of them comment that it didn’t have as much peoples as last time. I think one of the reasons was that since Bridex is bigger than ICC, and the booth was very well apart to create enough space for peoples to walk; in a way it give a subconscious of being very empty, especially on some of the least popular booth. Another reasons I think is Bridex Jerudong is just too far for some of the peoples where they didn’t bother to give it a go.

Personally, I think Bridex location is pretty alright, but somehow due to the space I do feel the this time round is a bit empty and not having gaming or bands or others competition to spices things up do contribute to the overall atmosphere. Of course, do take my words for as gain of salt since I only attended the last day of the events.