Cooking demonstrations + Makan

We decided to have a cooking demonstrations for the youth as part of the character & life skill development program. The ideas is to put some receipts into their shelves so that they can use it when they are on their own for further studies or what so ever :p

So we break our self into 3 teams, and each team suppose to cook 3 dishes. So we got all together 9 dishes for everyone to share. So for my case I teamed up with Mary and I have teach them how to cook spaghetti and grilled chicken legs. Honestly I haven’t cooked any main course for so long that I lost count on it, so something having maid to do all the house cord can be a blessing and a curse. I actually feel really rusty  and sometime not sure what I suppose to do >w<

But at the end, all the foods turn out pretty alright and I learned quite a few tricks regard with cooking. So when is the next time I gonna cook? Absolutely no idea!!! BTW, YA count yourself as privilege, even my family members have never tried my cooking before (except Lily)! :p



Here is me trying to act pro in cutting chicken >w<











Here are some of the foods photo, teach by us, prepare by youth.





Btw, this is also one of the rare time that almost all the photo was taking by them using my camera, didn’t even have time to really snap at all; but some of the photo turn out pretty well though.